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Onto week 7

Here we are– week 7.

I didn’t do much practice tonight. My parents were over earlier and no matter how many times I told them that Gypsy had to ask permission for everything, the more they forgot. When they left, Gypsy chewed on a bully stick while I did some work on the computer.

We’ll do more with week 7 tomorrow.

Today I am thankful for my parents visiting, then leaving so I can get back to my training.

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Another good day as week 6 comes to a close

Week 6 is coming to a close and we did good today. First at home my parents were over. I had her tethered to me so she couldn’t do anything wrong. Then we went out in the backyard to show off some agility. A neighbor on the other side of the fence was out so there was some reactive barking but I was able to get her back on track with some running contacts training.  Then we went to the park for a walk along the trail. There weren’t that many dogs but there were a lot of bikes. She did really well with the bikes. She’s had a history of being afraid of bikes and cowarding.  But yesterday was good and she walked with all the bikes. My dad was funny because when he saw a dog 100 feet away, he would say “dog alert” as if my dogs were going to go crazy with a dog at 100 feet away.

We walked by those dogs without any problems. One little doxie was staring at her from about 10 feet away and she didn’t like that. But we just turned around, regathered, and then walked by the dog without any reactivity at all. I was very happy how she handled it.

In the evening we went over to my cousin’s house. I kept Gypsy on a leash or in her crate. She was so good. I found it kind of interesting that when my neighbors drop things upstairs she reacts, but when something falls on the floor in the kitchen at their house, she doesn’t respond at all.  She was so good.

Well, week 6 is closed. Have we made progress? Yes, definitely!! Do I really see improvement at home — jury’s still out.

Today I am thankful for a home cooked meal with family.

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Growly Class and Houseguests

Today I consider a success. This morning I kept Gypsy on leash in the house and let her eat some of her bully stick.  Then we went to our Growly dog class. We worked my modified BAT setups and she did great with the other dogs. She didn’t have any trouble at all. I didn’t let her stare like the other dogs were doing. Our version is more of a quick look and look back at me and sit. She was excited and happy and relaxed.

This evening my mom and dad were over at the house. They’re visiting from Texas. Usually they stay with me but this time with all what I’m doing with Gypsy it was going to be too much so I told them they had to stay at a hotel.  They weren’t too happy about that and didn’t really understand, but I know it was the best decision. When they came over tonight I had Gypsy on the buddy system and was rewarding her for her impulse control. She had to sit for please as well. There was one point where she was with me on the couch. I was on one end and my dad was on the other.  My dad is really the only man she knows and is slightly scared of him but was doing well and getting pet. Apollo came over and Gypsy gave him “the look.” It was too much for me to verbally get her out of that so I had to physically interrupt her look at him. If I had left it she probably would have reacted against him like before. When I interrupted my mom asked me what was wrong and without having to go into a huge long explanation, I just said she was giving some stress signals.  Yes, I wish she would have looked back at me for guidance. I really don’t like that she would have reacted if I didn’t interrupt. But again, that’s why my parents are staying at a hotel. The change in dynamics would throw her off and as much as she loves them, it changes too much at one time and I think it creates some anxiety.  I’m glad I made the decision I did and still had to ability to watch Gypsy’s body language carefully enough with the distractions I’m faced with.

I also took them for a walk in the park today and Gypsy did much better than last week. She looked at me a lot without me having cookies available and she didn’t have any reactions to any dog who walked by or that we passed on the trail.

Today I am thankful for a great training day.

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Classical Conditioning evening

I had a really busy work week and am very tired tonight but I managed to do some CC with Gypsy with the neighbors. She was reactive seeing the neighbors out the window and when she saw the lights on upstairs. Now she’s associating lights on to the chance that people will appear in the windows, even if she doesn’t see anyone. So I did some click and treat Look at That game when she looked toward the windows and she didn’t bark.  Sometimes we had some good success. Sometimes she really was showing some stress. And then in the house she kept looking at the back door after I closed the blinds as if she was going to see something outside.  It is almost a habit to her if she hears a noise to look toward the door/window but then realizes the blinds are closed and she can’t see anything.  During the night I don’t mind closing the blinds but during the day this apartment gets really dark if those windows aren’t open so I need to be able to work through reactivity if I can. Closing the windows though does help and I have that option when ever I need it.

This was our big training of the day.

Today I am thankful that it’s Friday and I can sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning and catch up on some rest.

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Rockstar corgi

Gypsy rocked it at agility class tonight. She showed absolutely no sign of stress whatsoever. Other dogs running, teeter banging, people yelling and cheering and she didn’t flinch. I’m so proud of her. Tonight, her emotional state was in a good place!!!!   I hope next week is just as good so I know it’s not just tonight. Still, I’m really proud of her.

On top of that I tried some handling with her from what I learned from my lesson with Daisy. I went against the status quo, but made a good case on why to handle her the way I did. My instructor was really cool about it and saw my case and was ok with it. It worked really well and Gypsy wasn’t confused at all and didn’t lose her focus and nailed the jump sequence like a pro. I stood up for what I believed would work for her and it did. Gold star for Beauty and the Biscuit!

Before class we did some classical conditioning work with neighbors outside in windows.  Things are going well.

Short blog again…it’s 10:30 and I have a busy day at work tomorrow.

Today I am thankful for everything that has lead up to tonight’s emotional state.

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Rainy day training

Today was very rainy. We tried to work some stuff outside but it was really went. Then I had to go to the store after work to get dog food. The dogs did great in the store. There weren’t any other dogs in the store. Her reactive barking wasn’t too bad today.

Short blog today. Very tired and work has been crazy this week. I’m ready for the weekend.

Today I am thankful for the rain washing the pollen out of the air.

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Reactive barking not stopping

This evening, we had more reactive barking that was quite continuous. It is almost a habit for no reason. I need to really figure out how to fix this. She seems to bark a lot at the back door when she sees or think she sees neighbors. I can understand how someone walking in a window is scary. But when there is no one there, there is no reason to bark.

I know she’s learning how to respond be cause she’ll let out a bark, then look back at me for guidance. I call her to me when she looks and have her do something like a hand touch or a down and reward. But it’s not helping. The SHHH is still helping a little but the overall emotional change isn’t there.

So aside from everything else we are working on, this is yet another. I will have to really figure out how to change her emotional state, which is hard because this is home. I will work on clicking and treating like the Look at That game in CU. She doesn’t bark as much when on a leash. And the trees in the yard and getting their new leaves and I think when they are fully leaved up, she won’t be able to see the neighbors as much and therefore not react. I do remember this not being as much of a problem before the leaves fell last fall. She’s noticing more things like that.

Otherwise we’re still working our stuff and making progress. We did some running contacts training for fun and she did great.

And I saw on Dr. Yin’s Facebook page that she has the Learn to Earn e-book available on Amazon. It’s worth getting if you don’t have it or don’t have “Perfect Puppy in 7 Days.”

Today I am thankful for trees getting their leaves.

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