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Training at the vet — and wow it’s week 8!

We didn’t do much work today at home. After work I took Apollo to the vet for his eyes. I brought Gypsy along because we were meeting a friend for a walk at the park afterwards. Gypsy was a little OCD with a cat in a crate in the waiting area. She stared at it unless I treated. There was only one other dog in the waiting area and I picked her up and she was fine.

In the exam room, she looked perfectly happy! She wasn’t worried at all. She stayed on the floor while the doctor looked at Apollo.  Gypsy was very good and it’s amazing how at home she has a meltdown but at the vet she’s ok. I guess that’s good because I want the vet to be a positive place.

I told our vet about what Dr. Yin said about Gypsy not being able to handle her anxiety and told her I was about to the point of researching meds. She did seem to want to try Rescue Remedy and Melatonin first, which I do agree with since it’s much less harmful. I told her I would try melatonin for a few weeks and if it didn’t help, I would make an appointment and we can talk about meds.  I hope it works. I really don’t want to use meds. But as she said, some dogs really do need extra help. I told her I can’t click and treat all day long and that’s pretty much what I have to do. I never want meds to be permanent if that’s the way we go. So I’ll try some melatonin in the evenings when I get home from work and then 2x a day on weekends, every 8-10 hours and we’ll try for 2-3 weeks.

Today I am thankful we had a nice walk in the park after the vet and there were no reactions.

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