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Day 2 of a new day: we took it to the front yard

It’s amazing how night and day the house/backyard is from the front yard. Our quick sits in the house and backyard are very focused and fun. I take it to the driveway and front yard and she’s completely unfocused. She’s super hypervigilant and I have to pull her on her leash and she’s not responding at all. I need to video tape and I need to use my new work lamp so there is better light for the video since it’s dark.

We had a few good sessions with Apollo today and making it fun with treats. She looked a little nervous when he stood by the x-pen gate.

So next steps: front yard, video tape, snoot loop.

“Simple isn’t always easy.” – Bob Bailey

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Today in training – the new day 1

Today I went over all my notes from the seminar and transcribed them to my laptop. I should have just brought my laptop to the seminar– after all I had it with me in Davis but I left it at the hotel. I wrote everything on paper. So tonight I went through my notes and put them into a word doc. It was very helpful re-writing all the great information I got, and I feel like information overload all over again.

I also watched the Say Please By Sitting DVD Dr. Yin gave me at our consultation. More great info and great demos on all the mechanics I learned. It is very helpful to see it all in motion for me to do it myself.

Gypsy and I have worked on our rapid sits and stay please by sitting in the house and yard. It is going pretty well. She’s learning the new rules of the door pretty quickly. We also worked on her mat with the Manners Minder with no distractions. She did great with long stays without getting fidgety or getting up. She laid a lot closer to it so she could still lie down and eat the treats.

We’re also doing our tricks and treats with Apollo. In our consultation, one of Gypsy’s behaviors is for us to do really fun stuff with Apollo in the room so she makes the positive association. Fun happens when Apollo appears. Fun stops when Apollo goes away. So we had a few sessions of that today and she seemed to have taken well to it. She only cares about Apollo because he doesn’t always eat his treats and she is waiting for him to drop them. We get to work on leave it simultaneously.

Gypsy seems a little more reactive tonight to noises upstairs and outside but the good news is instead of bolting to the door, she’s looking back at me!

So really, I consider today to be day one of our new program just because today was the first day I’ve had the chance to review everything and think-plan-do.


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I’m in Davis!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I updated this blog. I’ve been so bad. Gypsy and I have continued working on impulse control and also other games like tricks and stuff over the last few months, plus agility.

So in my last blog, I mentioned I wanted to go to Davis. I made it to Davis and I’m so glad I did. Sophia and Bob Bailey gave a fantastic seminar on Operant Conditioning and training.

The weekend started with a little dinner party at Sophia’s house for those who attended both days of the seminar and wanted to go and pay $20 for the catered meal. It was well-worth it. I met a few new people, met some that I have mutual contacts through, and it was a fun evening.

Then the seminar: Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm with a few short breaks. A lot of information was presented and I have to go through my notes and process it all.

Sophia wrapped up a summary she learned from Bob that she posted on her Facebook page:

Just finished a giving a two day seminar with Bob Bailey in Davis, CA! Took away some really important points from Bob—1) it’s even more important to avoid rewarding the unwanted behaviors than to reward the good behaviors. e.g. if you miss a reinforcement it’s not as bad as rewarding the wrong behavior. 2) The longer the time or distance or effort the animal has to go through to get the primary reinforcer (food) after receiving the click, the lower the value of the reinforcer becomes.

So Daisy (Peel), my agility instructor, has taken a few Chicken Camps with Bob and has told me about #1 a few times with our running contacts training. So I kind of knew about that but the rest was so eye-opening. Amazing material that’s only going to make my relationship and training with Gypsy better and better.

I’m in my hotel in Davis, where in a few hours Gypsy has a private consult with Sophia. I hope we go home with the many tools we need to change some of the unwanted behaviors I’m still trying to accomplish.

As Bob says, Think-Plan-Do.


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