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Week 10 underway and doing ok

Gypsy and I are plugging along as we’re in week 10. I need to work more on our heeling and leash exercises as we haven’t done much of that lately.  I also need to be more vigilant about her sitting to say please.

Overall though we’ve had ups and downs as usual. She’s still barking at home when even no one is upstairs and all the blinds are closed, as it has become a habit, but we’ve also done some CC in the yard and really working on the Look at That game with windows and lights and non-dog objects. We are also working mat work more and I ordered her a special Mutt Mat which we’ll get in a few days so we can work our mat work outside, at parks, at class, etc.  She doesn’t really have a designated mat in the house so it will be nice to have one she knows is her ‘safe place’ or ‘home base’ as you will.

Nothing really better or worse today.  I guess that’s not too bad.

Today I am thankful for a pending promotion at work so I can afford to play more and train more with my dogs.

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Trail walk happiness

Tonight we went back to the trail we were at on Sunday. It was supposed be a corgi walk but only one other corgi showed up. So it was a quiet walk. Gypsy did really well with her attention. She got her dinner as treats and she had a good walk.

I think the best part is right now. She’s laying on my arm, on the couch, sleeping. Yes, she’s done this before but she’s been quite the snuggle bug lately, at night and on the couch. I’ve been working so hard at building our relationship. I don’t want to just be a dependence for her. I want to be her best friend. Where is our relationship when the cookies go away? That’s what I’m working on. Right now, I can see our relationship. It sometimes gets upstaged by a noise or something, but right now we have a relationship and it’s wonderful!!!!

Week 5 is off to a decent start.

1 month ago today was the first of 2 days of Dr. Yin’s seminar. Celebrate!

Today I am thankful for Dr. Yin and a corgi sound asleep on my arm.

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Walking better!

Since my CU class was cancelled today because our trainer is at an agility trial, I went to get my oil changed. I took the dogs and we walked along a busy street while my car was being worked on. Gypsy did really good walking and paying attention to me while cars and trucks buzzed by.

We also went to Home Depot and both dogs had fun.

We again worked in the yard with sits and focus. She was a little more barky than usual inside. It was a warm sunny day and the neighbors were out in the yard a lot.

It’s been another long busy week and I’m very sleepy. More fun this weekend!

Short blog today…

I am thankful for sunshine and happy dogs.

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Noticing big changes!

I think today was the first day where I’m really noticing changes in her responses. We’re about a week and half into the the program. She likes to respond to the dog walking upstairs. It is an older lab who makes a lot of noise when she walks.  Gypsy would generally just bark and maybe bolt off the couch to find the spot directly below the dog and bark.  Since yesterday, she hears the noise and looks at me!! I give her rewards!!! She has made a small bark and looked at me which is also a big improvement. In this case I’ve been reinforcing with “yes” since she decided to look back to me, and a head pat or ear scratch. She gets the treat when she doesn’t bark, rapid fire!

We did a fun round of crate games in the backyard after work tonight. She is feeling much more confident because she has much more drive and speed back into the crate. It’s almost comparable to her drive and speed inside. I play a lot of Yer In/Yer Out and Change Yer Mind Game, plus holding her collar and sending her in from about 5 feet or so depending on what else is going on in the environment. Tonight’s crate games was the best so far in the backyard in terms of focus, drive, self-control and fun. She ran into the crate, turned forwarded and sat perfectly. She didn’t break the line at all!!

We played more chase games in the yard too, off leash, so she wouldn’t trip or have a leash dragging. She got a high rate of reinforcement!

We also did some more Leave-It games, methods 1 and 2 that Dr. Yin outlines (first blocking then throwing just out of leash range). I used a lower value treat for the one to leave and gave higher value for what I gave her. We were able to walk across a pile of food on the floor with her focused on me and got a huge jackpot and me hand-feeding a few of the ones on the floor.  She did great with this and we’ll soon move it to the backyard.

Apollo had agility class tonight. Tonight I am thankful for being able to play with my old doggie who warms my heart.

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