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Day 2 of a new day: we took it to the front yard

It’s amazing how night and day the house/backyard is from the front yard. Our quick sits in the house and backyard are very focused and fun. I take it to the driveway and front yard and she’s completely unfocused. She’s super hypervigilant and I have to pull her on her leash and she’s not responding at all. I need to video tape and I need to use my new work lamp so there is better light for the video since it’s dark.

We had a few good sessions with Apollo today and making it fun with treats. She looked a little nervous when he stood by the x-pen gate.

So next steps: front yard, video tape, snoot loop.

“Simple isn’t always easy.” – Bob Bailey

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Another Great Blog From Dr. Yin and updates this week

It’s Saturday morning at 7am and I just got done with my behavior changes– my workout! haha. It’s a lifestyle change for all of us around here.

Dr. Yin posted another amazing blog this week, with mechanics I learned during the seminar and what we practice every day. It’s great to see though because sometimes I need a reminder on my mechanics, and sometimes when I think I’m doing it right, I’m not.  So read this blog about reinforcement and speed of delivery.

This week had some ups and downs. At home the barking and reactiveness in the backyard continues. Melatonin helps. A leash helps. But it’s just not getting better at all, especially when my upstairs neighbors are super noisy (which they have been recently).  I can’t give up but I want to. I feel helpless and that I’m losing this battle. I need to think more creatively.

In agility class this week, Gypsy went a step backwards but it ended up good. There was a spot in the very first day of class where a dog was crated and she went to it. That spot in class is in her memory of some location fear I guess. This week a dog was crated in the same spot — the first time a dog was crated in that same spot in many many weeks. Gypsy was running her course and took off to that spot. The dog was covered and she didn’t even know there was a dog in there, but she knew something was up.  I grabbed her leash tab and we finished the course with some treats.

On our next run, I had the owner make sure the dog was all the way covered. Gypsy ran her course and she still looked that direction. After the weave poles, she looked in that direction, I called her name and gave her the cue for the next obstacle and she made the best decision and took the jump. She got a huge huge jackpot for that!  It was a very big breakthrough. Had the dog not been covered I’m not sure it would have been as successful, but at the same time it was a good choice. Had the dog not been covered and had been somewhere else in the room, it wouldn’t have been an issue either. It’s that spot. We got a chance to work through it and it was great.

After class a few of us were talking with our dogs out on leashes, and Gypsy couldn’t have cared less about any of them — even the one who was in that scary location earlier. She was totally calm. But when she’s running and gets freaked out, it’s very difficult to get her threshold lower again. Still, this week was a good test.

We continue to work on our sit for please and shadow handling. Today we’re going to a Rally trial — going for our first leg of Rally Novice B.  Wish us luck.

Today I am thankful for the Adidas pants I ordered and came in the mail yesterday that are super comfortable and great to run in agility and for dog training! Yeah, silly but true!

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Week 10 underway and doing ok

Gypsy and I are plugging along as we’re in week 10. I need to work more on our heeling and leash exercises as we haven’t done much of that lately.  I also need to be more vigilant about her sitting to say please.

Overall though we’ve had ups and downs as usual. She’s still barking at home when even no one is upstairs and all the blinds are closed, as it has become a habit, but we’ve also done some CC in the yard and really working on the Look at That game with windows and lights and non-dog objects. We are also working mat work more and I ordered her a special Mutt Mat which we’ll get in a few days so we can work our mat work outside, at parks, at class, etc.  She doesn’t really have a designated mat in the house so it will be nice to have one she knows is her ‘safe place’ or ‘home base’ as you will.

Nothing really better or worse today.  I guess that’s not too bad.

Today I am thankful for a pending promotion at work so I can afford to play more and train more with my dogs.

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Onto week 7

Here we are– week 7.

I didn’t do much practice tonight. My parents were over earlier and no matter how many times I told them that Gypsy had to ask permission for everything, the more they forgot. When they left, Gypsy chewed on a bully stick while I did some work on the computer.

We’ll do more with week 7 tomorrow.

Today I am thankful for my parents visiting, then leaving so I can get back to my training.

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Another good day as week 6 comes to a close

Week 6 is coming to a close and we did good today. First at home my parents were over. I had her tethered to me so she couldn’t do anything wrong. Then we went out in the backyard to show off some agility. A neighbor on the other side of the fence was out so there was some reactive barking but I was able to get her back on track with some running contacts training.  Then we went to the park for a walk along the trail. There weren’t that many dogs but there were a lot of bikes. She did really well with the bikes. She’s had a history of being afraid of bikes and cowarding.  But yesterday was good and she walked with all the bikes. My dad was funny because when he saw a dog 100 feet away, he would say “dog alert” as if my dogs were going to go crazy with a dog at 100 feet away.

We walked by those dogs without any problems. One little doxie was staring at her from about 10 feet away and she didn’t like that. But we just turned around, regathered, and then walked by the dog without any reactivity at all. I was very happy how she handled it.

In the evening we went over to my cousin’s house. I kept Gypsy on a leash or in her crate. She was so good. I found it kind of interesting that when my neighbors drop things upstairs she reacts, but when something falls on the floor in the kitchen at their house, she doesn’t respond at all.  She was so good.

Well, week 6 is closed. Have we made progress? Yes, definitely!! Do I really see improvement at home — jury’s still out.

Today I am thankful for a home cooked meal with family.

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One month ago today…

One month ago today, Gypsy was with me at Dr. Yin’s workshop for our working spot. Dr. Yin showed us how to start our L2E, the mechanics of reinforcement and did a little evaluation on Gypsy’s reactivity. It changed my life and how I think about my dog training and my responses to Gypsy. I am forever grateful.

Again, unfortunately today, was a bad allergy day. I got home late from work due to a co-worker’s good-bye party. I didn’t do much when I got home. Gypsy was in the ex-pen chewing on her rawhide. I think she really liked it. She also barked at imaginary noises and reflections in the windows. I rewarded her for staying quiet the best I could. The nice thing is when she barks, I can recall her off of it. It doesn’t stop her really, but it is nice that I can recall her successfully off whatever it is she is barking at as long as it is not a squirrel.

She is looking at me for leadership a lot more in the yard these days and sometimes in the house. Her sits to go outside (please) are a lot faster and more automatic.

Tomorrow we have agility class. I hope she does as well as she did last week.

Today (and everyday) I am thankful I went to Dr. Yin’s workshop and had an invaluable working spot with Gypsy.

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Trail walk happiness

Tonight we went back to the trail we were at on Sunday. It was supposed be a corgi walk but only one other corgi showed up. So it was a quiet walk. Gypsy did really well with her attention. She got her dinner as treats and she had a good walk.

I think the best part is right now. She’s laying on my arm, on the couch, sleeping. Yes, she’s done this before but she’s been quite the snuggle bug lately, at night and on the couch. I’ve been working so hard at building our relationship. I don’t want to just be a dependence for her. I want to be her best friend. Where is our relationship when the cookies go away? That’s what I’m working on. Right now, I can see our relationship. It sometimes gets upstaged by a noise or something, but right now we have a relationship and it’s wonderful!!!!

Week 5 is off to a decent start.

1 month ago today was the first of 2 days of Dr. Yin’s seminar. Celebrate!

Today I am thankful for Dr. Yin and a corgi sound asleep on my arm.

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