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Wow, it’s June!

How did it get to be June already? It’s almost been 3 months since our life-changing seminar.

This week I started my new exercise program. It is hard getting up early but the workouts are great and I am determined to make this work.

Gypsy is doing ok this week. She had some reactivity tonight but otherwise she’s been really good this week.

On Wednesday we did another agility private lesson with Daisy and she was so much better this time than last. She wasn’t sniffing or bolting off or doing crazy like before. She was focused and did fantastic.  Daisy set up some good sequences for us and Gypsy did really well. I wanted to work on jumping and turns to get ready for the corgi specialty in Portland in September. So I was really happy how that went — no fear or anxiety displayed at all.

We got some teeter homework to work on to build that better to have her drive to the end instead of finding the pivot point.  We started with the tippy board this morning.

So yeah, overall this week has been pretty good.  We’ve had some good training, we got our Mutt Mat to work CU games, and also a little melatonin is helping us too when needed.

Today I am thankful for all the coaches in my life– Dr. Yin, Daisy Peel and my life coaches that are helping me get my head on straight so my dog takes me seriously (or maybe not so much!)!

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She’s looking at me!

It’s a great feeling when you know your dog has anxiety of something and looks at you for leadership! That’s our goal and that’s what happened today at the park.

Backing up to this morning, first I finished a table and dog walk plank I was working on for agility training. It’s been fun and I’m glad we’ve had 2 sunny weekends. Otherwise this project would take weeks due to the painting.

She still had some reactive barking today in the house, but the landlords upstairs were gone a lot so it was more quiet than yesterday. I had her tethered to me much of the day so I was able to reward a lot more than yesterday.

This afternoon we went to the park along the river where there is a wide walking path.  So as I mentioned she looked at me when she felt anxious. This is in relation to bicycles. It’s not the most anxious thing she has reactions to, but it’s something I know she fears. She doesn’t like them. She cowers and tries to hide. She doesn’t respond like she does to other things. Today there were a lot of bikes because it was such a nice day.  Instead of cowering today, she walked nicely and looked back at me or didn’t respond at all to the bikes! This is huge progress. I’ve worked on bikes with click and treats and that didn’t work. This was the first time she really handled her anxiety well! She got tons of treats.

There were some dogs on the walk too that she ignored. If Apollo barked (because the other dog barked first), Gypsy responded by barking too. I wasn’t too happy with that but she also didn’t respond first. It was in reaction to Apollo’s bark which was in reaction to the other dog’s bark. So I will work through that but I’m not holding it against her. Still, I was really proud when we walked by other dogs that no one had a reaction and she didn’t even notice the dog or care.

The first part of the walk she pulled me some. I stopped, she had to come back and sit before we walked again. We had to do this for at least 1/4 mile. But then she started really paying attention and looking at me. I treated quite often and while we were in motion. I also had her sit for treats.  She looked very relaxed and happy when we walked so nicely.

Tomorrow starts week 5. Hard to believe.

Today I am thankful for such a nice weekend and a great walk in the park with the dogs.

Gypsy's new plank and table that I made over the last two weekends.


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First week status report

After our first week, things are going well.

Sit for please is coming along although it is not yet a habit. She’s sitting at the door to go out but breaks the sit when I open the door so I have to quickly close it until she gets the release word. She’s sitting good in the house for everything else, as well as our sit games in the yard.

Crate games is going well and we’re having fun with that. I’m using a soft sided crate so it’s hard to close the door, but I do lower the flap and she gets the idea. She’s not as fast in the yard as she is inside, so I’m working on building more value in the yard.

Our tethering is ok. She doesn’t like it too much but she gets lots of rewards for good behavior so I know it’s working. Sometimes I have her tied to me and sometimes I’m holding the leash.  She doesn’t like coming in the kitchen with me but last night she learned she could get a piece of steak out of it. I need to up the rewards for situations where I have to pull her to come with me.

Last night we went back to Four Paw Sports Center to practice our running contacts. We did our sit games too. Overall compared to last week and this week, great improvement!! She was still excited to be there and wandered off if I let her, but much improvement over last week because she came when I called her and didn’t bolt off — she just walked quietly to sniff something. I saw much improvement there.

In the morning when we go potty, she’s looking at me and walking nicely. This is a huge improvement too!!  I actually have to tell her to go off and go potty.

Tonight we start our sit games on leash in the front yard. The backyard is going well enough that we can take it to the next level. The street is quiet but it’s still a street with distractions and scary things.

Today I am thankful for being able to rent Four Paw to practice.

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